A Residence for an Brazilian Ambassador
| Interior Design Studio Project |
Design : Izgi Erik
Type : Ambassador Residence
Date : March, May 2016 | 3 Months
Location : Ankara, Turkey

The Embassy of Brazil in Ankara is the diplomatic mission of Brazil in Turkey.
A residence for Brazilian Ambassador contains, public zones- hall for receptions, dining room, press room- for visitors and dining, bedrooms, kitchen for residents. The proposed reorganization of the interior aims at creating a welcoming, open, well defined public space to flexibly cater for various events and uses.

The main elements of the proposed plan are the front entrance area which is intended as a multifunctional public space and leads people to the reception and exhibition area with the circular form of the wall. Another main focus is the circular courtyard of the structure. The building maximizes density while allowing for ample outdoor space inside to make visitors to feel the Brazilian impact, especially with the planting and curvilinear forms. Additionally, according to some researches, curve forms in architecture to be pleasant, elevating and reducing stress. It expresses as a beacon of activity and houses the circulation.


“… what attracts me is the free, sensual curve, the curve I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuous course of its rivers , in the clouds of the sky, in the body of the favorite women. Of curves is made all the universe.” The curves in this architecture, were a protests against the international style. Roberto Burle Marx : Brazilian Landscape Architect The patterns he created with paving and bed shapes and his architectural forms dominate his works

General forms of the plan is iinspired from the Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. Circular and curve shapes designed to be complete them selves. Reception and dining area, which are the most significant spaces in the building- designed to be place opposite to each other. This is for creating connections between them and open a new space for special occasions.